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The Moxie is Indiana-based pedal builder Brian Wampler's new spin on a "screamer style" driver pedal, powered by the same classic 4558 chip found on the Ibanez Tube Screamer. Alongside the common controls for volume, tone, and gain are two switches—the Voice switch clarifies the mid-range through shifting the EQ, while the Fat switch enhances the gain structure, elevating the signal to boutique high-end heights.

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The new Striker Collection from Kramer has arrived. These high-performance S-style models are geared toward players looking for shredder-friendly instruments that won't break the bank. The four new models in this collection offer HSS pickup configurations, a choice of Floyd Rose or Tune-O-Matic bridges, and range of bright and stunning finish options. All models are available now for $349 USD. To learn more and hear the guitars in action, check out the Kramer demo video above.

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ALM Busy Circuits ASQ-1 Sequencer is now available, which we first saw back at Superbooth earlier this year. Designed for sequencing full systems, this 32hp step sequencer has two independent CV and gate outputs for melodies and four trigger outputs for making drum beats. Also onboard is a note quantizer and clock divider with classic computer keyboard buttons that give it a look and feel dripping in '90s nostalgia.

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Colorado-based WMD has announced on Instagram that they will soon shutter operations—but not before going out with a bang. Three new Eurorack modules are on the way before the brand shuts its doors.

The first module, Legion, is an analog oscillator inspired by the Roland Alpha Juno. It features thru-zero frequency modulation and an analog supersaw wave called Swarm. The second module, Subway, is a scanning crossfader with eight inputs and a single output. Each input has an on/off switch, and you can smoothly crossfade between signals using CV. The third and last module of WMD is Orion, an analog stereo phaser effect module that gives control over several aspects of the phaser effect. Only 600 of each of these modules will be made. The Legion will be priced at $499, Subway at $269, and Orion at $239. Follow these modules below to be notified as they become available on Reverb.

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Bristol modular manufacturer Future Sound System has launched the FIL4 Timbral Sculptor, a Eurorack module consisting of a multi-mode filter, an exponential-law VCA, a deadband wavefolder and rectifier that can be paired up with any number of oscillators and modulation sources. It boasts a versatile filter capable of a wide range of textures from low-distortion to unwieldy noise generation, creating limitless harmonic potential.

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Oklahoma-based boutique pedal makers Walrus Audio return with their new Mira pedal, an orange optical compressor that introduces analog warmth and sustain to your signal. This stompbox is sure to provide dialed-in dynamic potential to any pedalboard, boasting a smooth attack and release and a side-chain high pass filter to boot.

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After a super-limited edition run of 25 large-diaphragm condensers in 2021, Russian microphone manufacturer Soyuz is back by popular demand with another batch of their 017 Series Brass Black mics. This time, the run is limited to 40 of each mic—a TUBE and an FET—both equipped with gold-sputtered capsules which contribute to their coveted vintage-like sound.

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Epiphone's new Power Players line of guitars is an ideal fit for younger players, or even seasoned guitarists in pursuit of a powerful travel-sized electric. These 3/4+ mahogany Les Paul and SG versions are available in three separate colors: Ice Blue, Lava Red, and an exclusive Dark Matter Ebony.

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Fender released the newest psychedelic addition to their Artist Signature line today: the George Harrison "Rocky" Stratocaster. The alder body guitar is a recreation of the Beatles guitarist's beloved 1961 Sonic Blue Strat, which he hand-painted in Day-Glo and used frequently in studio sessions starting with Rubber Soul and beyond. Alongside the guitar is the George Harrison "Rocky" Capsule Collection of colorful accessories, including a woven instrument cable, two different guitar straps, and a collectible pick tin.

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At last, the wait is over. After an exciting debut at this year's Superbooth convention, the first orders of Oberheim's new OB-X8 are shipping out. The eight-voice polysynth, modeled after their '80s staple the OB-X, packs in all of the OB-series filter types and allows the features of their previous models to be blended together.

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The effects sorcerers at Old Blood Noise Endeavors have just released the Float, a dual envelope filter pedal capable of producing unique movements and resonant sweeps. With its high levels of control and variability across its two independent channels, you may forget all about those quacky envelope filters of old, which can too often turn riffs into period pieces.

Get the new: Shop OBNE Float. Shop all: Browse all OBNE pedals. Learn more: Andy's Vintage Pick: 1976 MXR Envelope Filter.

Buckingham, England-based pedal company Origin Effects debuted their Halcyon Green Overdrive pedal this week. The Tube Screamer-inspired stompbox features Adaptive circuitry, enabling the pedal to adapt its voicing in response to pick attack and volume changes to create a dynamic and versatile overdrive.

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Fender Custom Shop also announced the Fender x Minions: The Rise Of Gru collection of instruments, a collaboration with the animation studio Illumination alongside the recent release of the newest film in the Minions/Despicable Me franchise. Each of these four Masterbuilt instruments—the StratoStuart, Otto's Moon Bass, Kosmic Kevin, and the King Bob—are inspired by a different character in the Minions universe and have blockbuster price tags, but it's all for a good cause. All proceeds from the sales of these instruments will support the Fender Play Foundation's music education programs in Los Angeles.

Make Noise has debuted its newest module, the XPO, an oscillator set to redefine what's possible with stereo analog modules. Designed to work in tandem with the company's well-known QPAS stereo filter, the XPO includes stereo pulse-width modulation, wavefolding, and wave shaping of its 11 wave outputs—five mono outs and three stereo pairs.

This 18hp module also features a hard sync circuit and the two 1v/oct inputs, making it easy for transposition, melody stacking, or more harmonic frequency modulation. Details on price and release date have yet to be confirmed, though September looks to be the target release month.

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J. Rockett Audio combines the unmistakable vintage '60s sound of the Uni-Vibe phase shifter/rotary emulator with a one-knob spring tank reverb on its new Uni-Verb stompbox. Much like the original effect, this modern-day take on the atmospheric psych-rock staple runs internally at 24V, but can still run on the standard 9V power supply.

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As shorthand for the Golden Era Fender amps, Tweed can conjure images of precious equipment, high-end Bassmans, Twins, Princetons, and more from the '50s. Mesa Boogie's new California Tweed 6V6 2:20s are instead "grab-and-go" models. Available as a 1x10 combo, 1x12 combo, or 20-watt head, these vintage-voiced tube amps are travel-friendly, and thanks to the built-in Multi-Watt switch, can be played at lower volumes and even at different operating biases.

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The Official Fender Reverb Shop just got a huge influx of discounted instruments, amps, and other pieces of music gear. If you've been in the market for a new guitar at any point this year, you ought to head over to the shop.

Many of the brand's top-selling Squier instruments are up to $40 off their regular prices: like the Classic Vibe '60s Jazzmasters for $419.99 instead of $459.99, Bass VIs for $459.99 instead of $499.99, Bullet Telecasters for $179.99 instead of $199.99, and similar deals across the board.

Other highlights include the Mustang guitar amp and Rumble bass amp lines, with the Mustang LT25 now a cent shy of $150 and Rumble 15s, 25s, and 40s up to $50 off, depending on the model.

Browse the full Official Fender Reverb Shop and find your own deal now.

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