The New Yoga Mat That Can Literally Be *Folded* Into Your Backpack (Or Suitcase) - Women's Health

2023-01-13 00:42:37 By : Ms. Rita Lee

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The New Yoga Mat That Can Literally Be *Folded* Into Your Backpack (Or Suitcase) - Women's Health

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Ever broken your commitment to Yoga or workouts because you CBF schlepping your rolled-up mat to the office or on holidays? Well, it’s now possible to buy a folded-up mat that can be packed in a backpack, suitcase or even a larger tote bag. foldUP, an Australian, female-founded brand has just completely reinvented the Yoga mat as we knew it.

foldUP’s newly launched Movement Mat™ is 36.5 x 30.5 x 6.8cm when folded (which FYI – is around the size of a pizza box) making it perfect for tucking into your tote bag or backpack…. or your suitcase when you’re packing for holidays.

This is what it looks like all folded up:

Plus, this Yoga mat is sweat-resistant, easy-to-clean and made from eco-friendly 100 per cent TPE material (AKA Thermal Plastic Elastomer – a synthetic rubber material that contains no latex, PVC, rubber or any harsh toxins or chemicals).

The foldability of the design also means that the mat can be folded to provide extra cushioning or support for your body when needed. For example, if you’ve got dodgy knees and find some Yoga poses tricky, you can simply add a little extra padding under those sore spots.

“I observed as the many movers of Melbourne would carry their bulky mats with them on their daily commutes and decided to create something practical and stylish, that can be easily transported from home to the studio, work and beyond,” says foldUP Founder, Elle Kiffer in a media release about the launch.

“I’m a fan of all kinds of movement, and this mat has been tried and tested to support them all. My mission is to elevate your current movement routine and encourage you to feel excited when unfolding your mat, wherever that may be. I am beyond excited to share this product that provides a solution for many and can’t wait for you to experience a new way of comfortable, supportive movement on your terms,” continues Kiffer.

To accompany the mat, foldUP has already launched a purpose-designed backpack. It’s made from eco-friendly PU vegan leather with a 100 per cent cotton lining. And, it’s water-resistant and has adjustable and padded straps for double comfort. You can get The Movement Bag alone for $189 or in a bundle that includes The Movement Mat as well for $279 (that’s a saving of $39).

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The New Yoga Mat That Can Literally Be *Folded* Into Your Backpack (Or Suitcase) - Women's Health

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