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2022-06-16 08:21:20 By : Mr. James Ding

My dad was a “gadget guy.”  The more crazy the gadgets were, the more excited he was about the device.  I’ve got of few of his chromosomes, so I too have a bit of gadget fascination.  And the Spin-It motorcycle turntable appears to be an interesting gadget.

The manufacturer’s website claims:

“Spin-It car and motorcycle turntables are designed to make light work of manoeuvring vehicles when space is limited. One of our high-quality, mains-powered car turntables can be installed for your vehicle or a manual motorcycle turntable for your motorbike. With a motorcycle turntable from Spin-It, you can ride into your driveway, manually turn the bike while it rests securely on its kickstand, and ride straight out again. Gingerly balancing a luggage-laden bike while shunting backward and forward to change direction is a thing of the past!”

The Spin-It turntable is a large lockable disk that you ride your motorcycle onto.  A foot-operated lock keeps the disc stable while you ride on or off.

Spin-It’s marketing brochure and data. Image credit: Spin-It

The idea is that you can ride directly into your storage area and onto the Spin-It.  Then when you are ready to leave, you merely unlock the disc with your foot and spin the disk in the direction you want to go.  You can then ride your bike straight out of the storage area without having to maneuver it in a confined space. Worthwhile?

The Spin-IT turntable seems like a convenient gadget, but is it something you’d be willing to pay for?  The Spin-It retails for £999 + VAT (tax) and includes UK delivery and installation. So, it’s the USD equivalent of about $1,370 plus tax.  That’s not pocket change.

So at that price, is this motorcycle turntable something you would be interested in at its asking price?  If it’s too expensive, what would you be willing to pay for such a device (if at all)?  Let everyone know in the comments below.

Note:  Spin-It did not ask for or provide anything of value for this article.